Holistic Approach to Agriculture

Our holistic approach to agriculture is based on the belief that prevention is always better than cure. We do so by striving to ensure all plants and crops are able to absorb the necessary nutrients applied to them in the most efficient manner, and allow these nutrients to transport efficiently within the plant system, and be absorbed by plant cells to generate healthy grow, thereby also boosting their passive immune system.

This approach is similar to human health care, whereby the conventional East or West Asian method to tackle a sickness like influenza is to prescribe an herbal mixture to induce the body to create a "Yin" and "Yang" chemical balance. The chemical balance in the body thereby facilitates nutrient absorption by vital organs to induce immune system, and overcome the influenza virus. Periodic intake of herbal tonic will maintain chemical balance in the body that will allow body's natural defense system to maintain optimal health and development.

INERGI’s approach to agriculture is similar in that it creates a condition for crops to improve nutrients intake and in so doing maximize health and growth. This approach allows the passive immune system of the crop to overcome diseases and stresses with minimal assistance from crop protection chemicals. The end result would be a reduction in reliance on chemicals, as well as nutrient input, and contribute to improving environmental sustainability and food safety.


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