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Colloids, formed over time through decomposition of organic and plant wastes, are probably the most vital and active element in the natural soil for plant growth. Colloids determine the physical and chemical properties of soil and are the substance that facilitates delivery of nutrients and minerals from soil into the root system, and into plant system for absorption by plant cells to facilitate the supply of nutrients for plant growth. Fallowing of agriculture land is one form of replenishing colloids naturally in agriculture soil.

INERGI has developed a lipid-based nutrient delivery system whose organic nature makes them ideal for sustainable horticulture and agriculture. Organic Colloidal Concentrate, OCC in short, is a lipid-based liquid solution that simulates the natural process of micelle formation. This system allows micelles to self-assemble in an aqueous environment with nutrient particles. These micelles will disperse uniformly and diffuse across the water layer and offers a new level of nutrients delivery and absorption performance in horticulture and agriculture.

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