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Based on our OCC technology, we have developed three standard organic nutrient fertilizers available to growers.

Resisto is a multi-action Amino-acid liquid fertilizer that facilitates protein synthesis, stress resistance, photosynthesis, pollination, and fruit formation. It contains 19 types of plant-based L-amino acids obtained via enzymatic hydrolysis. It can also facilitate the development of stronger root system and Brix levels, resulting in better quality and yield.

Blu is a versatile liquid fertilizer design to deliver outstanding results across the board, from enhancing stress resistance, increasing crop yield to promote stronger and healthier flowers and plants. It contains essence from fresh ascophyllum nudosum that facilitates growth regulation, cell division, and fruit development.

Black contains organic leonardite based humic and fulvic acids as its foundation and supported by plant-based amino acids. It allows plants to develop a stronger foundation for resilient and healthy growth whilst regulating the soils of which they are grown.

All OCC fertilizers are suitable for spray, sprinkler, and drip systems, and can be applied in conjunction with other nutrient and chemical mix.

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