INERGI AgroScience launched new colloidal formula for agriculture with enhanced efficacies in nutrient transportation and absorption.

OCC is driven by new plant based organic ingredients which allows swift micelle formation in aqueous environment. The enhanced physical mode of action allows more efficient absorption of formed micelles through cell walls and membranes in plants for higher efficient transportation and absorption.

Under aeroponic cultivation trials, OCC demonstrated higher level of nutritional parameters on buttered lettuce ranging from 2% to 48%, with yield enhancement ranging from 8% to 25%.

On hydroponic cultivation trials on cherry tomatoes, OCC demonstrated quicker and more uniform maturity, enhancing grade A yield for horticulture tomatoes.

In outdoor agriculture setting, OCC shown yield improvements ranging from 5% to 25% despite reduction in normal nutrients input by up to 20%, and reduction in crop protection chemicals by up to 30%.

A unique feature of OCC is its low chemical content with 0-0-0 in N-P-K, and close to 0% in all macro and micro nutrients, allowing OCC to become an effective source material in conjunction with solvents for agro-chemical formulations.

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